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When you are entertaining or cooking up a storm, sometimes you need bigger packs. At Murray River Organics we love our food and can produce a variety of products in bulk formats. Here are some of our favourite products in larger sizes for you to share with family and friends.

Retail Bulk Packs

100% Organic Australian Sultanas 1kg

No sulphites | Sun-dried.

The Sunraysia region, in the south eastern corner of Australia, is famous for its rich red soil, blue skies, clean air and year round sunshine – perfect conditions for producing our nutritious organic sultanas.

100% Organic Fruit Medley 500g

No sulphites | No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours | Gluten free.

Our fruit medley is a delicious fusion of flavours, inspired by the mediterranean region. Tart cherries are balanced by sweet strawberries infused with organic apple juice. While our sun-dried figs and plump apricots add texture, flavour and aroma.

100% Organic Goji Berries 1kg

Sulphite free | No added sugar.

Our Goji berries are sourced from farmers who follow strict organic farming practises, using traditional agricultural methods to create biodiversity and environmental balance and are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.

100% Organic MCT Oil 1L

Premium liquid coconut oil. Extra virgin.

Ideal for pan frying, baking, smoothies, salad dressings or as a health shot.
INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

MRO Organic Sun Muscat Clusters 500g

Australian | Hand picked.

Our Premium ‘Sun Muscat’ Clusters are produced from a contemporary grape variety that – while unique to Australia – boasts a Californian pedigree. Introduced almost two decades ago, this modern day seedless variety has both survived and flourished in the warm, rich soil of Sunraysia.